OICR Technology

Mission Statement

What we want to achieve

OICR Technology Ltd. is a linux systems design company whose mission is to promote Linux through education and user-end products. The content of this website is designed to be for all skill levels from professional to home user.

We are currently in our beta/release stage. As the site grows, we will be adding more content and sections. Currently, you can view articles in the archive.

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About Us

Our Team

Our team consists of qualified Electronic Engineering Technologists, Red Seal Journeymen Electricains, and Linux Certified computer system designers.

We build linux based computer systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Linux OS

This is a free linux distribution Mirror, built using portage.

This LinuxOS is distributed under a GPL License, which allows you to use and modify it for any purpose (personal and commercial), under the condition that when distributing you provide the original source code.

The latest LinuxOS version and source code for platforms such as x86 and ARM can be found at the official Mirror page.

For more information, questions and comments please visit OICR Technology Archives.

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Crackle-free audio on the Raspberry Pi with mpd and PulseAudio

Crackle-free audio on the Raspberry Pi with mpd and PulseAudio

The Raspberry Pi single-board computer is a wonderful little

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Loading Gentoo LiveCD to a partition

Loading Gentoo LiveCD to boot off a partition on your hardd

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